The game is unfun to play.

There is just too many problems of balance almost in every aspect of the game. Most of them are considering solo que which is horrible to play. 1. Duo que should be deleted and counted as flex, not as solo que. It's too much frustrating to play against enemy duo on diamond or higher elo, when for example u have solo lane and enemy has jungler duo to help . I will never have a communication with my random jungler in such a lvl to be better than duo who are using for example voice chat and are tryharding just to climb. I get it, that if in the enemy has duo , then in our team there is possibly a duo too, but they may be be support and jungle for example, and i am the most fucked person in the game because of enemy duo, It's just unfun and garbage to play against. 2. There are too many champions that require a change,nerf, intervetion and its spammed through forum half a year but the game company just doesn't really care, because IN THE PRO PLAY ITS OK, and "chinese" balance team tells they don't need nerf or just a change. How Yasuo,vladimir,riven,vayne are unchanged while they are banned almost in every game on higher elo, and everyone is just ranting on them. I don't even consider zed because he is easy to play against, just low elo rant about him. 3. Stop buffing weak champions and nerfing op ones in the same time because it forces just shift of the meta. Do the one thing , for example Nerf op ones, and just check how they are comparing to the other champions in the patch. It's almost impossible to make meta non exist but it just will make game easier to balance. Just what is it that bunch of champions every patch get higlighted to be a god tier, and in the next patch they are dumped to be a garbage, and in their places there are other five champions who were just buffed to oblivion, and now they are the gods. 4. Too strong items {{item:3161}} {{item:3812}}{{item:3124}} , SoS empower 3 champions or a few more, why the hell do they need this urf cdr item while they are actually strong without it. Death Dance 30% dmg reduction is just broken. Even katarinas started to build it or rush conq with it u know why? Because they are literally unkillable, with their sustain. Guinso phantom hits are totall bullshit, and make certain champions beyond broken. Just all these items have like power of two items in one. 5. Make new armor and mr items or buff the current ones especially health stat. I feel like raw armor is totally useless and the only good armor items are considering the situation u are in {{item:3047}} {{item:3143}}{{item:3075}} on the other hand {{item:3068}} {{item:3110}} could be deleted and nothing would happen, these 2 auras are useless.{{item:3025}} is rarely used by anyone except Ezreal Lmao.{{item:3001}} {{item:3194}} totally not worthy the price when u see that it gives that low health, the only ones that buys these items are tanks because bruisers actually have better defensive and offensive item in one{{item:3053}}. Tanks are totally in the garbage state, except {{champion:113}} {{champion:20}} who are junglers and have quite a dmg early. Tanks are legit trash, they can do only well in flex, or pro plays. There is just too many true dmg, conqueror, that just shit on them, they need more defense just to stay 5 s longer. 6. Turret plates gives way too much gold, u made them to stop the snowball and make laning phase longer. Ok laning phase is maybe longer, i don't have any statistics from the previous seasons, but if the tower is pushed almost out of plates before 14 min, the guy who just stomped the lane will snowball even harder after 14 min and the game will end faster because he just get around free 1k gold. Also plates made roamers less efficient in their job, why i have to follow guys who roams when I just can get free 160 gold for a plate, and just ping out that enemy is missing on my lane, he just waste time because my team listened to my pings and went back, while i get free gold. 7. Almost 1 path building of bruisers and mages. Typical items that are almost in every bruiser build 1st item{{item:3071}} {{item:3078}} then the rest {{item:3053}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3812}}{{item:3748}} {{item:3230}} now ap {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3157}}{{item:3165}}. Im happy that {{item:3091}} is more used since it rework, but I would be even happy if I would see these old game items in the actual game lmao {{item:3170}} {{item:3172}} {{item:3131}} . Idk, there is just too many things still to write, but thats enough.
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