the problem with the game is not the game itself, its the community

Where can I start, there are some problems in the game, but I feel like nothing is unbearable. The main problem with the game is the community and everyone's mentality. I can't speak for high elo, but I can speak for how it is on a gold/plat level. My first problem is that people play for themselves and not for the team. Example, when I first pick a carry jgler and and a my top laner who hovers nobody and picks yasuo. He proceeds to complain about me not going a tank but he can't pick a tank cause he thinks he's better than everyone and has to carry. My second problem is people giving up after first blood. This season I see more people giving up after first blood or when something goes wrong, its so annoying just watching someone farm up and do nothing only to type /ff at 15 and complain when people don't want to surrender. I am not saying that this happens every game, but it feels like this is happening more often. I'm not saying that I play perfect either and is the best gold player in existence, but I feel like 40% of games are just people who are crying they aren't carrying, just giving up and refuse to do anything until they get their way. People in low elo just have big but fragile egos I guess. Anyway thanks for reading my rant.
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