vayn's job in league

Vayn was created to do what. Kill tanks. No amount of armor in the game is going to stop her. Why? Because riot, the genuis's they are. Made this one thing that counters EVERYTHING. True damage. I have no idea who made it but I hope he's in a better place. Dota 2. I've been playing a LOT of dota 2, and I can't find a single instance of one hero absolutely destroying the game for years without anything being done to them. Yet vayne just...still shits on people. Vayne was created to kills tanks with her true damage, but. True damage is just flat damage YOU CAN'T BLOCK. You can have 600 armor that blocks 100% damage, and she'll still do a guarantee 400 every third hit. So what happens when she hits the squishy targets. Does it scale down? NOPE. Riot the master decision makers have decided to let it absolutely annihilate EVERYONE. Vayne has an uncounterable attack that devastates you and building tank only prolongs the inevitable. If vayne presses ult, and you don't have annie. You are going to fucking die. It doesnt matter how much damage you think you can do. Because she will do more, and will survive anything you attempt to throw at her. But on top of that is her invisibility. Another mechanic riot fucked up by making it incredibly hard to play against. There's only a select few champs who get this super form of stealth called invis. And vayne being the true damage massive movespeed basic bitch she is gets this. During invis you CANNOT SEE THEM. At all...with anything... Okay that's not true, lee sin who can land a Q can maybe see her. And a TF who ults AFTER she does can. And elder buff...which spawns at late game, where nothing you do matters. How to fix vayne? Well maybe remove true damage....but because I know you won't. Remove invis from her ult, you can give it camo just like the fucking rest. There is no reason vayne gets to remain so absurd just because you think she's the hardest champ to play. But it's true...vayne is fucking hard to pick up and even harder to master, but an average vayne who understands your ult makes you a god can easily go to diamond 3, you know...where the game actually gets hard. Disclaimer. I don't think she's op, I think invisiblity and true damage are op. If you stapled those stats onto any other champ in the game I'd bitch about them too, no champion needs BOTH uncounterable mechanics on them. Except sona...buff sona.
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