Why landing a Q skillshot as a support can lose you the lane...

I play a lot of support, and this is one of the most frustrating and strange concepts I have to endure when playing. Ok so... I play a lot of Morgana, and youve all seen her Q, and probably avoid it like the plague... a slow moving, Thunderlords inducing plague... I know that landing one against my opponent can cause me to lose my lane. How is that you ask? Very simple. The snare (its not a stun, it just isnt) or root causes my ADC to see that an opponent is vulnerable, and it makes their mind snap... they devolve from a rational killer akin to an assassin with a plan into a berserk bloodthirsty animal with total abandon for any and all regard of personal safety. Yes, this is a semi rant... I just had a match where I landed a Q with Morgana, and my ADC just went all in... died, I died too trying to help and they said "Please stop trying to fight." I said "you went in on them." They... and this is what Im talking about, they said "You landed the stun, and backed off, and then went back in." See, this is the problem... I landed a Q on the enemy ADC, and dropped a tormented soil and turned up a smile... the ADC said "Welp, they dun Q'd that thar enemy ADC, better flip the fuck out and go HAM!!!" I tried to explain that there is this thing called poke, and its how I get gold from {{item:3303}} ... in their mind, they died because its my fault I landed a Q and they went all in on it... cause... Im not 100% on the logic, but the thing is, this happens with a lot of people. I noticed it way back when I picked up playing Blitzcrank. Most people, and I mean 7/10 would be happy to land some aa, get a Q in and take the favorable trade... some, on the other hand; they would flip a switch and decide its THEM OR ME and go all in, and if they died... it was my fault for hooking them. Were not talking they were hurt and I hooked them onto my ADC. I mean I hook them while they were trying to last hit a minion, knock them up and walk away and the ADC chases them into their minions, flashes when they do to keep up takes a turret shot while still failing to kill the enemy ADC, and then starts the walk of shame back to our side but gets killed by the enemy support as they try to walk back past all the minions and the enemy support... and thats MY FAULT in their mind cause I landed a skill shot. I started a fight, they had no choice but to go all in, and if I hadnt done that, their berserker trait wouldnt have activated. So here is my advice to ADCs. Learn what poke is. Learn how supports with {{item:3303}} line of items need to hit the enemies periodically to maximize their gold per minute the same way you need to farm minions. Just because they landed a snare it doesnt mean you have to go all in... If you do go all in when your support was just poking them... and you die, its YOUR fault you did that.
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