Everyone needs to calm down and relax.

I'm making this post because a lot of people nowadays are complaining more and more and i don't think it's because the game "sucks" now... What i mean is that a lot of this hate i think is coming from people who i think are influenced by the streamers that they watch and not so much the actual gameplay. **Why would these streamers and former pros say that they are tired, frustrated and bored from playing League?** * Well a big reason might be because they've been playing this game for a very very long time most of them since season 1 which was almost 8 years ago. * And the problem with playing the same game on the same map with the same champions using the same items is that it will eventually make you feel tired of the game no mater who you are. * And this hits them the hardest because unlike the average player, League streamers play the game for hours on end starting a new game the moment the last one ends. And i'm not even going to talk about the ex pros because everyone knows how many hours pro players put in the game on and off stream. **Something people who've been playing for a long time don't seem to realize.** * League will never again make you feel the same way you felt when you first started playing and that's not because they don't want to do that, it's because it's impossible for them to do that. * I remember when i first started playing at the end of 2012 i was in the 8th grade had just changed schools and during lunch i heard a couple of classmates talking about this game that's really popular and that it's also free to play so i asked them about it and they told me about it, later that day after coming back from school i looked it up and they were right the game was free to play so i said what the hell might as well try it, so i downloaded it and let me tell you i have never played a game as much as i played League of Legends, every Saturday and Sunday i would would sleep for only 3-4 hours the rest would be spent playing... During the week at school the only thing on my mind would be playing the game after coming back from school and after i made a few friends i started playing with them which made the game 100x times more fun and don't get me wrong the fun lasted for a long while but eventually the excitement and fun started to slowly diminish until today where i play a couple of games before i get bored. **Can League get better** * Yes of course it can as a matter of fact the game is 100x times better than what it was when it launched. **How do i deal with this boredom, frustration and anger?** * Take a break, a few weeks a couple of months or even year. * I completely skipped season 7 because i was dealing with real life but when i came back i was really looking forward to playing again maybe you should try doing the same, idk. **TL;DR. It's natural for people to get bored of a game, which will eventually lead to frustration and dissatisfaction which both turn into a downwards spiral. League is still a fantastic game with an amazing community, taking a break from the game can be a very healthy thing for someone who has been playing for a long time.**
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