It's frankly an embarrassment how bad of a state the client is left in

The client is an absolute hot mess. There are so many bugs and failures that you can't even list them all. But let me give you a list of just some of the bugs I've personally observed. * You have times where you load in to champ select and see nothing but a black screen. You can't see champs, runes, teammates picks, or practically anything. Sometimes you get lucky and the buttons still work so you can kinda guess where the search bar and runes are. Again, _**if you're lucky**_. * The client really wants to remind me that my friends got their gifts ***that I gave them OVER A YEAR AGO*** every time I log in. * The majority of the time when trying to access your loot tab you get met with a blank screen so you have to click back and forth between the store and loot tab until it eventually loads. * Sometimes the lock in button just decides not to work. Nothing like spamming lock in for a solid 20 seconds just for it not to work and getting booted from a lobby. Thank fucking god this has never happened to me in a promo game. * The client randomly decides to take a coffee break and not load in to the post game lobby for several minutes. * The client sometimes decides you've had enough time to pick and speeds up the countdown to lock in * Sometimes you just randomly get disconnect from chat. I can be on Discord with my friends and experience absolutely zero interruptions but at the same time not be allowed to connect to chat in LoL. Wut? * The client seems to think it knows better than you and discards all the changes you just made to a rune page in a lobby Please, by all means add the bugs YOU experience in the comments below. These are just the bugs that I have ***personally*** experienced ***just off the top of my head***. We're getting close to 2 years in with this client and it's still an absolute abomination and frankly whoever works on it should be embarrassed at the quality of their work. I know that sounds harsh but lets be real. If I put out this quality of work at my job I'd be shown the door in short order straight up. ***This isn't even factoring in in-game bugs. It's JUST the client ffs.*** You aren't some small indie company anymore. This shit doesn't fly. LoL is one of the biggest video games in the entire world and the client is the face of your game that everyone uses to access it. The client is what people see before they even play the game itself. You need to take some budget out of the next Ahri skin and reallocate it into the technical side because quite frankly the client is a joke. I've played shitty Chinese knock off games with better clients than LoL's. It's been almost 2 years now. _**These bugs are not acceptable anymore**_. Having bugs around launch is understandable but letting them persist while putting less than bare minimum effort into fixing them is not. For the love of god PLEASE use more resources into fixing it.
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