Riot destroying Jungle role once again Basically for people who dont want to check the link heres what they want to implement. YET ANOTHER xp nerf to the jungle, you get level 3 after 4 camps/ 3 camps if you include krugs AND ALMOST NO ONE does krugs early game and heres the thing >>> 2 camps and a scuttle. WOW, how can 2 camps and a scuttle be more xp than 4 camps :shockface: . well the thing is, riots idea of jungle balancing, they want to reduce the early ganks of the junglers and "increase jungle vs jungle interaction" HOW WE DO THAT? LETS MAKE SCUTTLE WORTH 170 XP INSTEAD OF THE ORIGINAL 10 XP AND NOW THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE SCUTTLE AT A GIVEN TIME. Only 1 scuttle at a given time that spawns randomly, so early junglers who can 1v1 easily and can farm jungle camps fast and healthily will benefit greatly from this so they will gank even more often now, while junglers who are weak duelists and farm slower will feel even more pressured and effectively be useless. SO WHAT HAS RIOT ACCOMPLISHED BY THIS? WHAT A %%%%ING JOKE The jungle role is already so weak compared to its former glory days, and with this its gonna be EVEN MORE SHITIER, there is no fun to play jungle under these conditions anymore. Want me to fix your stupid game for you? you unprofessional company that only thinks random shitty ideas that is contrary to what LITERALLY EVERYONE wants, is a good and healthy change for the game?? *Reduce camp spawn time so that junglers can farm properly instead of relying on taxing and also balance between farming and ganking. *Remove catchup xp COMPLETELY (this also benefits other roles and a healthier environment where a skillful player can carry easier) ^ these 2 changes are enough but there are other suggestions that i THINK will be healthier for the game *Remove the current RNG drag system and return old dragon The idea behind that change if implemented, is to make the game more fair for teams to make a comeback using their skills, if enemy team had a small lead and infernal was up, they will take infernal and BOOM 8% dmg which makes a notable difference and might effectively secure the lead permanently if the team with infernal dont mess up much, such is the case with each dragon. This also emphasizes a skillful use of the gold granted by the old dragon, where good players will capitalize on their lead or make a slight comeback with the gold and xp and bad players will not know how to use the gold lead, its infinitely better than this Rng shit *Return the jg xp back to the way it was That way junglers will have more of an effect in the game later on and not reside to be a taxing machine especially since currently teammates take camps mid to late game and with the removal with catchup xp completely, only skilled junglers will keep the lead and a skilled enough jungler can invade the enemy jungler and effectively shut him down. This also encourages junglers to farm have a balance between farming and ganking , less ganking and more farming compared to this meta we have buff camp buff gank/camp lane, for it will make junglers able to carry themselves so they dont actually need to have this belief of "im useless late game so might as well just gank or else ill lose the game" , it also encourages farm heavy junglers like master yi to be picked and to have variable playstyles in the jungle again. This change alongside the catchup xp removal, will encourage a jungle vs jungle interaction that u so desire that requires ACTUAL skills ,and ultimately make players improve faster with trial and error, not the joke of a change to scuttle you want to make riot. This is my idea of how jungle can be better for each of us, for each role. ~~pleas of a lonely jungler main

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