I think I finally realized I am done with the game.

**Let me start by saying this isn't a "QQ toxic community" or "QQ learn to balance Riot". I think the balance is fine for the most part and the community is no different than every community in the world, not just gaming ones. ** I've played since Season 2. Been through all the changes. I think I am finally ready to accept that it isn't the same game I started playing 7 years ago. With each change, the game becomes more focused on the champion you pick, rather than the items you build. Every top laner builds the same items. Every mage builds the same items. Every marksman builds the same items. There's no real choice making. There's no proper hybrids anymore. There used to be options like "I really like XXX champion, and I can play them how I want." Now it's just "pick the highest tier champs and build the same 6 items as everyone else". It's all focused and balanced around the optimal build/style to be as competitive as you can. I'm not saying there's no skill involved. It still comes down to how well you handle said champ, and how much you can outplay your opponent. I am just saying that it isn't as fun. Over one hundred champs and there are only a few unique ones. Sure, the micro plays are different, but realistically most ADCs are all the same thing in a different skin. All mages do the same thing, with the same items... they just look different. I miss the days of AP Tristana mid, Blitz Jungle or Elise top. AP Caitlyn mid was never on the pro scene, so I can't understand why she lost her AP ratios. AD players wouldn't build AP so it's not like it's breaking her regular play, it was just there for fun. Sadly the best role was buffed and focused on while off-builds were nerfed or reworked out. It's just not as fun anymore. In pursuit of competition all the fun has been stomped out.
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