ty riot

you accomplished what you wanted, role diversity. its not hard to achieve that when you just go and kill one of the roles. I haven't played any marksman yet and I tend to be the guy that thinks changes aren't as bad as people say but holy shit. the boards are saying theyre unplayable (not a reliable source but its still there) ive seen several youtube vids that have said theyre dead and pros are playing bruisers and mages bot. congrats riot, you killed the only role I could say im good at just to appease those few people that wanted to play yasuo in bot or something. I get mad at riot a lot but this I am genuinely upset with. marksman is how I started in league. its the only role I can play effectively and climb with, now all that is gone. Ive been practicing mid but I still dont get how to play a lot of the matchups yet and top there is only like one champion that I can comfortably play there. I suck at jungle too but I guess I should leanr it since theres a couple hamps there I like. go ahead and downvote that "salty adc main that deserves to have his champs useless". no, thats not balance, if the only way to get other champs to be viable in a role is to destroy the champs already played in that role that will ruin the game more
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