Please buff AP Gangplank! [with discussion and suggestions]

I used to play the old AP Gangplank (on another account) before the rework. He was basically my main and was an absolute blast to play as a deceitful low range kiter with his weakness being squishy - something I long to experience again. The Gangplank rework did a number of things to him that **severely** hampered AP Gangplank's lategame, so I will now go through each of his abilities and review their potential for an AP Gangplank build (comparing him to the old one) that has actual lategame capabilities. Adding them all would likely be broken, but please consider adding one or two of them: **Passive - Fabled Dyrnwyn**: The old passive was called Grog-Soaked Blade. This was basically Darius' passive, dealt magic damage, but without scaling. It made him a beast in prolonged early trades, until Darius was released and his passive could contest Gangplank's. I'd argue that his current passive is stronger for AD builds, but here are suggestions to make it better when building AP: 1. Add an additional scaling (with no extra base damage) that scales off of AP and/or deals %HP damage. 0.5% extra magic damage per second, per 100 AP would be reasonable, giving a full lategame build with 600-700 AP about 15% maximum health damage in a single proc. 2. Add a flat AP scaling. 3. Add an attack speed buff for the duration that scales off of AP, making hybrid dualist builds viable or full AP with Nashor's Tooth. **Q - Light it with one of the beard matches**: While it procs Lich Bane, it does underwhelming damage late game when building AP. This can be helped with Dark Harvest, but the keystone will mostly be on cooldown and the already low damage of Q on AP builds will make it hard to secure kills for that nice refresh. Suggestions: 1. Add AP scaling giving it %HP magic damage, similar to above suggestion. 2. Add a flat AP scaling just like with Ezreal's Q having scalings on both AD and AP. 3. Destroy a percentage of enemy magic resistance for a few seconds that scales off of AP, refreshing duration by hitting passive on target. 4. Gain a small speed boost that scales off of AP. **W - Malzahar space AIDS? Eat orange**: Gangplank's most well known skill. The percentage HP scaling on the rework was a huge quality of life for him, props to whoever thought of that. The scaling was reduced though. Please put the nerfed 0.1 AP scaling back, no AD build is going to build AP and building AP on Gangplank is already hard enough as it is. The increased mana cost already makes it hard to spam, unless you have some runes and items to alleviate - a fair exchange. Honestly, it's actually in a fair balanced state right now. Not essential to change. **E - Guy Fawkes' small presents**: The rework made this a great AoE ability which is the current Gangplank's main source of damage, making this essential to add some form of AP scaling to. Suggestions: 1. Do so any AP damage applied to the barrel will be added to the barrel explosion. Currently, it's only AD that is transferred into the barrel explosion. This will make Luden's Echo, Lich bane, and Dark harvest (when building AP) apply on barrel explosion damage. 2. Slight addendum to above but can also be added separately; make the overall damage of the barrel adaptive, including the resist reduction. For example, building AP will make its damage scale on AP, get its base damage to deal AP, and change to magic armor reduction. Building AD will make the barrels behave as they are now, no change. **R - BROADSIDE!!!**: The most satisfying ability pre-rework, despite it being random before. It currently has abysmal scaling, sitting at only 10% per cannonball. It has no burst anymore, which was used to finish off low health targets across map, or to deal noticeable damage in teamfights. They will simply not stay long enough due to the high time between cannonball hits, which causes the slow not to be noticeable. Fights are too fast and people can just leave it if they're not pressured to stay. It is incredibly underwhelming compared to other map-wide ultimates like Ezreal's, Jinx's, or Draven's. I know they're ADCs, but AP Gangplank need a decisive and unique ability that sets him out from AD build and gives him proper teamfight value. Suggestions: 1. Keep it as it is now, but double the scaling to 20%. Doesn't address the actual issues with the ultimate, but it's better than nothing. 2. Make the cannonball frequency faster, but with fewer total cannonballs. Increase the scaling and base damage accordingly, preferably a tad higher in total. 3. Make the frequency faster and keep the number of cannonballs. Make no change to its damage or scaling. 4. Make it instead deal %HP damage scaling off of AP. I know these are probably garbage suggestions, but playing AP Gangplank is incredibly fun. The only problem is how he falls off lategame with almost no redeeming sides except the ultimate upgrades. Please look him over again, even if not with these changes.
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