@Meddler I hope you're joking about nerfing Yasuo, again.

A heads up, I really don't care about your opinions, so downvote and troll all you want, I really just don't care. "Yasuo’s on our radar as a champ who’s probably too strong at present. Now that we’ve got most of the pre-season follow up work done, we’ll be putting more focus back onto general champion balance. That means for patch 7.1 (the next patch we’re currently working, which will likely go out in early January) or 7.2 we’ll be looking at champs like Yasuo, Hecarim, Syndra, etc." I hope you are joking and not giving into the the stupidity of the people on this forum, again. All Yasuo ever gets is nerfs. You nerfed him into the ground a few seasons ago and he had the lowest winrate in game. You nerfed his core build to address adc, but all you did was nerf him when you changed I.E. and Shiv and other items he needs. Hell, he can't even use shiv properly anymore. You just nerfed him because he was building tanky, even tough so many other champions build tank and have safe trading and you won't address it. He has a 48% win rate and you say he is too strong? Where the hell are the annie nerfs, she is unapproachable in fights while her ultimate is up and she can one hit you. Where are the nerfs for lee sin, who is just pure cancer. Where are the amumu nerfs? You bloody well know he is far more broken than most champions. You are not even addressing anyone else in terms of kits and strengths who aren't above 50% win rate, but here we go with Yasuo again because idiot people on this forum keep crying about him while they can't outplay him or don't know how to counter pick. For Yasuo specifically the first job’s going to be an assessment of whether he’s performing better than he should for his intended strengths and weaknesses. That’s both in terms of time in game (e.g. laning/early strength versus late strength) and circumstance (e.g. when snowballed, or when paired with specific allies or against specific enemies). We haven’t started diving this yet, so there’s not much specifically to share. But Yasuo will probably show up in a patch note sooner rather than later. He is a "Slayer" by your own words. He is intended to kill and kit how he does. Yasuo isn't even in first place as a mid laner or top laner. He is like 6th mid and 15 top. But let us not address oriana because she isn't Yasuo, right? Ermmm well obviously pairing Yasuo with Malphite or a knock up champion is better then say pairing him with garen.... like how would that show you anything? As for snowballing, umm anyone ahead snowballs. But even ahead, one stun and yasuo is dead. If the other team can't stun or counter pick, that is them, not yasuo. I have been 25/10 in my kda before, only to be knocked up by a Xin who built nothing but speed and who killed me before I landed. He was like 5 kills in. But Yasuo is broken right? Of course Yasuo will show up sooner or late, you people are trolls and nerf/buff champions who don't need it.
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