Kayn's early game is awful and prevents him from powerspiking mid game with his transformation.

Kayn is outdueled in the jungle by just about every other popular AD jungler, be it KZ, Lee Sin, Graves, etc. He has a single skillshot slow with a pretty heavy delay and mediocre slow amount to gank with, so he brings almost nothing to the table compared to popular junglers like {{champion:31}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:113}} or {{champion:19}}. His Darkin form is actually pretty good, but it only gets 'pretty good' late game when he has 3 or 4 items. Until that point he's still stuck with a single knockup skillshot, low damage, and healing that's ok but is super easy to counter with a 900 gold item, and he's still outperformed by other tank junglers in both damage and CC. His SA form is fun but is honestly worthless if the enemy team is halfway competent. But blowing up ADCs is still funny, you just have no way to get out after doing so. Kayn's early game pressure is horrible and his lategame isn't strong enough to justify how much he sucks ass in the early to midgame, especially when Kayn is a champion that NEEDS to gank early and often if he wants to transform before 15 minutes.
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