Can you extend pre season and just fix your game. It is Bathesda level at this point.

There are so many issues. So insanely many. Just fix them, its gotten to the point its visible to everyone and a constant thing. No it does not usually affect worlds. Not an excuse for laziness. You break SOMETHING with literally every single patch. Every single one, your latest one made it impossible to even play the game. 1. There are bugs with minions they can just randomly target champions even if minions are attacking them and are closer. 2. Skills have hit boxes which don't match visual graphics of them. 3. There is connection issues solely on your end, that no other game people play does, this just your issue not internet and hard or software issues on the user end. 4. Some champions are bugged like fioras riposte even when it does not stun it cancels auto attack targets so you have to re-click. 5. some skins change skill hit boxes or the visual size of them. 6. The pathing in this game is atrocious. 7. No one cares about your afk punishments and just leave when they want to.
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