Snow ARUF and ARUF in general will remain complete garbage. We deserve freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice is important when you create a game mode of excitement and of absolute ridiculousness. Urf is not that hard of a concept to grasp yet why do I feel every time riot games releases this game mode it continues to get duller and duller? Games in the Urf you have just released are onesided. You took the element of ARAM and put it into this concept. Without a doubt the quality of season 8 can be even noticed, with our now garbage resist statistics, damage dealt is done with in a matter of 2 to 3 seconds max. Maybe even before you can even count to one second... Wheres the fun? Like seriously, this is the product you're releasing to the public? This gamemode can only be fun for premades, no one can even enjoy it on their own. One sided matchups/games, no freedom of choice, access to a champion pool that's only viewed in the eyes of "snowy themed" concept, no bans, limitations to summoner spells now? Wow I'm not sure if you're noticing what riot's doing here but its very unpleasant, I used to enjoy this gamemode back in season 5 and 6. Now? Well I say this was a failure, a huge failure. I hope something more exhilarating and fun is released where we can actually breath in a game. I hope riot NEVER releases ARUF in the future and releases URF, the original concept that was actually good and for some reason trashed by riot. Lets do a poll, I'd like to see how many people also enjoy/don't enjoy this:

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