quited the game for 2 weeks , i think i realized what stopped me from climbing

tldr: losing a game where u try your best feels so bad that it stops you from playing anymore games , wining dosnt feel good hi everyone , i stopped playing ranked and the game about 2 weeks and a half now,only yesterday played some normal games after a brieve thinking i came to conclusion that what really stops me from climbing is how bad losing feels like the reason why i stopped playing even tough i was passionet about climbing is that 2 weeks ago i won like 8 games in a row , then i lost 8 in a row that's not only depressing but the depressing part is most of these losses is duo to trolls and afkers indeed i lost some games becuase i just didnt play my lane right or that i played a matchup that i didnt play before but now when ur botlane start feeding 8 kills before 10 min mark , and u still work so hard because u wanna win and u almost carried the game and took 3 inhbs(i play splitpushers mostly) u die once from the fed enemy team and u lose the game cause ur team is weak as fuk compared to how fed the enemy team is now the really sad part that is working hard to win games like this take alot of mental effort for no reason ,u just waste ur time and health doing so but at the same time u wanna maintain a good mmr so winning a game or 8 feels a slighty good and u dont get rewarded for that , but if u lose only one game wheere u try and almost win but still lose it makes u so sad i cant even expresss how sad is that it was sad enough for me to quite ranked for awhile , i just dont enjoy playing champs that i can carry with (splitpushers) then loses anyway some pepole will say that gammes where u are close to win but your botlane/midlane int and stops u is very rare but if your playing splitpush champs , and u win your lane ,this isnt very rare at all , in fact it's very common as a splitpusher i feel like im on a full time job trying to win 1v1s and take all the turrets and objectives only to lose cause the enemy team is so fed that they can just engage 5v5 and fuck us up regardless

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