So they are moving some champs into the jungle

Instead of moving less played champs that just need a home, they are pushing popular champs that already have comfy lanes to go to into the jungle to try and bring popularity back to the role.... what? I don't have the mastermind league brain to understand, but as far as I can tell the position is so unpopular you have to try and beg people to play it by bribing them by making popular champs functional in that role? What? Why not help already established junglers that are struggling or give these jungle buffs to champs that just have no lane strength versus the current meta? Someone help me understand/debate this, as a jungle main that bit the bullet and adapted to the changes... I just kinda feel insulted. EDIT: Thanks for the replies that are actually discussing my concern. I am aware this change IF it occurs is directed at low elo... but those changes still effect champions in other elos not just the ones they are aiming at (example, Darius will be able to heal off Baron and Dragon during fights). Why not put those resources to help established junglers instead of "widening the pool" with popular picks... that is the question at hand.
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