Two simple changes to the game that I think will make it a lot more bearable.

[]( 1- Nerf Conqueror. 2- Remove {{item:3124}}. 1) Conqueror has broken many champions, and is turning some late game duelists whose early games are supposed to be weaker ({{champion:24}} {{champion:157}}) have become early game powerhouses that turn into unstoppable monsters that take multiple teammates to even take down alone, and even then it all relies on you having the CC and burst to take them down. This keystone hasn't been truly nerfed since its release and it's about time it is. Because when a keystone completely negates a champion's early weaknesses, there's a problem. 2) As for Guinsoo's, this item has never been healthy and never will in its current iteration. Until Ninja Tabi's blocks the extra damage on things like Guinsoo's, this garbage will never have balance nor will it have counterplay. It's a 'win game' item similar in power to the old DFG. There's not a single champion who builds this that doesn't absolutely melt anything in their way after buying it. There's no real option of dealing with it, and it is certainly not fun to play against. If anybody on these Boards knows the counter to Guinsoo's, please, tell me. I'm at a genuine loss here. By the way, would have said 'make turrets viable' and 'tone damage down' but any efforts to do that has clearly not worked, so this was the next best thing I could think of. Thank you.
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