What if Execute Abilities DIDN'T Show When You Could Kill Someone?

( Please hear me out, read full post please. ) Is this feature really needed? I feel if such a thing was removed it would enable more room for error. Having the enemies have just a sign above their head in my opinion is just babying the player. I would understand if such abilities were hard to land but most executes are fairly easy to land {{champion:555}} {{champion:6}} ( **no im not saying the champions are broken, please dont get that Idea** ) but why do they get a big indicator? What is the ACTUAL need for it? If it were removed would it ruin these champions? or increase the skill floor and reward players with good judgment and understanding of the champion they are playing? Obviously if you hover over the ability it should 100% tell you how low they need to be but I feel the sign above their head is unneeded. Or maybe have it only show WHEN you can kill them as in when they are at the required HP to execute and the sign not be so in your face kinda like {{champion:31}} If there is an actual legitimate reason this is 100% needed I will admit I am wrong I'm not an unreasonable person. Opinions? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Edit: I love how split the opinions are means it might be somthing more to look into. Also thanks to all the people who kept the discussion civil <3
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