Dear Riot.

The ranked system has become more toxic than the player base. Done with this game till one player can win the game equally as well as one person can lose the game, plus if you play like trash you need to lose more lp and if you hard carry you need to win more lp that simple. Tbh the game was never really fun, just fell for the pseudo competitiveness-- in low elo getting better only gets you so far a lot of it comes down to luck of the draw against a double stacked deck (smurfs/bosted players/trolls/other player having bad game) + (the negative lp trend i.e. losing Lp in series and not gaining it from the wins required to promote aka THE LADDER IS A gambler's ruin... thought you were slick Riot?) An intentional gambler's ruin and a hiden MMR system that Riot will not disclose... Hmm, sounds like the LP/MMR system is fraudulent.
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