Can Riot Response Katarina Revert?

KATARINA IS FINALLY GETTING REVERTED [PBE GAMEPLAY] About me: My name is Flyerbek . I play League Of Legends , 6000+ Katarina games Songs used in the video: 1.Hellberg - The Girl (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) [Monstercat Release] 2. The Angels among Demons iTunes: Amazon : Spotify: I wanna thank everyone for watching my videos and supporting me !
Well Katarina revert is a hot subject for at least 4 last months there is so many posts about Katarina revert and riot seems like doesn't care at all but there is a lot players have hope about her revert and they are so emotional about it include my self.In my opinion this is brutal and i believe riot should share their thoughts about the topic and give us an answer about it .Lets assume something about her rework 1) she feels slow and clunky 2)She doesn't have her identity as an assassin and feels more like a mage 3)She is less fun than she used to be for a lot players 4)Players who love old katarina feel really upset because they lost their favorite champion and i want say here that the most important thing about playing a game is having fun and entertainment, and not feel upset about how game changed from something that you loved to something completely different that makes you upset and sad playing because it is something which is very serious happens.I want state here that video was a aprils fool joke from Flyerbek but the important thing here is how much emotional and sad players were at the comments about this joke because it wasn't true this shows how much a lot players want her revert .Have a nice day/night
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