How "bad" would League really be without unit-collision, Riot?

Season 6 was supposed to fix minion-block, but I've been tripping over shit constantly in every single game, noticeably, sometimes completely fucking me over. I was lucky to only be in a bot game one time, where my own minion-wave stacked up and completely blocked me from leaving the top-side enemy tower. Instead of removing ignore-unit-collision, how about we TURN OFF unit collision on minions (at least allied minions) and see what happens? Before pre-season ends, and the one chance in the whole year to make drastic changes is gone. Just what is the reason that we're forced to treat our own minions as obstacles rather than a resource, or a tool, or... minions? And what went so completely wrong, that it's even worse now than it was before Riot tried to fix it?
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