A Few Suggestions to Reduce Smurfing - League's community is destroying itself.

Smurfing has got so bad because of the toxic players going round and round in cycles that they are basically ruining the new player experience for everyone else. Riot has done absolutely nothing to control these people who pollute the matchmaking system with their failure to learn from their ban and ruin the game for everyone else because NOBODY truely new is going to come to this game and bother staying to 30 because of the level of smurfing that is going on. Make having multiple accounts a bannable offense. Its the only way to solve this because they are never going to learn and they will just keep taking advantage over and over again and making the game more and more toxic for everyone else. I'm a new player, just reached level 12 and I'm so sick of it, I'm consider quitting. It is just not worth if you are not going to deal with the level of toxicity probably. Out and out banning of accounts is NOT working, its just shifting the problem to the new player experience. Its time to not ban these accounts but provide restrictions and lock people to having just ONE account. Either that, or League has to stop being free to play because this is just dragging the game down. People cannot afford to get new Overwatch accounts when they get banned and the money is an effective deterrent. Or have people pay a sub to a "Premium" service where they get placed in a separate queue away from the rest of the free to play rabble. I would gladly PAY for that if it meant that I didn't have to play with smurfs and it would bring more people back to this game. Because at the moment, League's own community is destroying itself with this constant smurfing and banning cycle.

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