Assasins are so bad rn its laughable.

It's a joke really is. if we take out the shitty adc mains who splitpush and get solokilled assasins are a joke in mid-late game in fights. Unless you get like 6kills in the early game you might aswell afk you are dead weight. Tanks simply dont die buying cheap ass items bruisers simply oneshot you adcs oneshot you mages oneshot you even if you manage to get a dive on an adc support give it 800hp worth of shields and then guess what? They oneshot you. I thought assasins were supposed to be the role that their sole puprose was to oneshot a squishy. now you cant even do that anymore you die before you get into your effective range in an even game. Everybody is an assasin atm in this game with how much dmg everything and everyone does. I even remade my rune pages to have pages with flat MR vs teams with strong mages doesnt matter i get hexdrinker doesnt matter i still die. Most assasins are built into bruisers JUST to be viable. Remember Master Yi? the only way for him to exist in a game is a heavy duty bruiser build and to PRAY to god your lanes wont fall even the slightest behind.Thought this game was about Variety but no it's all about Tanks/adcs and a few select mages per patch since mage viability rotates per patch.
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