Karthus Will Become More Usless Thanks to Edge of Knight

It's bad enough that champions can dodge his ult with non-ultimate abilities but you had to give a Sivir E on an AD item? https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gmcdzmBToVM/WAaI558Cc2I/AAAAAAAAWQI/Yi3650L7FjUi7z4noljMN7cZl_ZK9pvtwCLcB/s1600/item3.jpg It's hard enough to land Q's thanks to the MS people seem to get out of nowhere, but now an ADC can buy and item with magic resist and be able to block an ability? Let alone this can be used at the start of a Team fight and last up to 10 seconds. I really hope that some numbers get changed since Karthus buffs seem very unlikely. Edit: Going to add this item since it is a Soraka like heal which although it has a high cooldown and is retricted to an area still hurts Karthus at the end of team fights. (Thanks Bombay Sandwich) https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-58Mflku3d3M/WAaI5221d0I/AAAAAAAAWQE/0wM6CZTK43o1Qgz6wMHJCVFs3ivlOullACLcB/s1600/item1.jpg
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