You did it with Zed, now do it with other champs.

''However, what this change allows us to do is create debuff-focused champions that don't have their kits completely negated with an item purchase and press of a button.'' {{champion:35}} {{champion:17}} {{item:3364}} What about those 2 champs, which can be **COMPLETLY** countered with only the active of a free item FOR 10 SECONDS. Those 2 champs in particular take time to set up their traps, putting them behind in gold, and then someone just activates a trinket and it just negate the whole thing. How fair is that? Zed was being countered with a single item, and it wasn't fair (he'll probably get nerfed for it too, hopefully), but i don't see anyone standing up for those 2 champs. I tried, but i only got downvotes from the community. So what's preventing you from fixing this, Riot? If you want to go in that direction, fix all other champs which are being countered at the press of a button. Not only 1.
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