Can someone explain why I just LOST LP for a win? My computer crashed, but I came back.. wtf

Was legitimately hard carrying the match for my team and they all knew it, they were all friendly and we were up 20-4 before my computer decided to crash completely out of the freaking blue.. I came back about 8 min later to my team still stomped 31-11, and them saying things like "dw we're still winning, but we missed you <3" Then after the match ends, i get a leaverbuster warning and LOST LP instead of gaining it, along with a D- score for my way better score/cs than most in the game.. what the actual fuck right now?! Is this for real?? EDIT: Why would I have even gotten leaverbuster to begin with? I came back, first of all, and secondly.. no one would have reported me for "afk/leaving". what gives?...
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