AMA Request: CertainlyT (Kalista, Yasuo, Thresh, Darius)

During his time with Riot Games, CertainlyT has become Riot's most aggressive and controversial champion designer. His designs are known for pushing the envelope and redefining just how much stuff can be packed into a champion's kit. For the same reason, CertainlyT's designs have been highly controversial on the forums. Many of them are viewed as "overloaded" or "toxic" by players, and Yasuo, Thresh, and Darius have all been the victim of long series of nerfs at some point in their lifetimes. With all that said, however, CertainlyT's champions always have a completely different feel compared to other champions released in the same era, and question our assumptions of "what can possibly be balanced in League of Legends". Can we get the man himself to talk about his design philosophy and discuss the future additions and reworks of League on Gameplay and Balance sometime?
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