Skin Shard Rerolls - A change is needed

So recently after painstaking months I was able to collect 3 legendary skin shards, Project Yi {{champion:11}} , Gatekeeper Galio {{champion:3}} and Star Guardian Ahri {{champion:103}} . Seeing as I own none of those champions, (even though those are some amazing skins!), I decided to reroll them. To my surprise I received Sacred Sword Janna {{champion:40}} skin permanent (champ not owned). I was horribly misinformed about the reroll system and had assumed that I would at least gain a shard of similar quality or higher. Taking that epic skin shard I rerolled it again with 2 more epic skin shards to then gain a legacy skin for 750 rp which was when I lost all hope and haven't touched League since. None of this is anyone's fault other than my own, but knowing that others, like me, might feel disappointed after waiting to reroll 3 good shards together to then get similar chances of what they can get if say, they rerolled 3 750 rp skins is quite unfair/pointless. My suggestion was to give better drops for better rerolls. Rerolling 3 legendary skin shards? Get a skin shard/have a higher chance to gain a skin shard of the same quality or at least provide chance for similar rarity items with a low rarity skin, like a hextech crafting gemstone. Reward players who have the patience to wait to reroll rather than allow them the same chance as any other reroll items. My amazing skins shards have gone down the drain, (as is the case for any who lose at gambling, which is what this system is.), but to know that it is possible to gain better reroll items by using better items should definitely be taken into consideration. What say you?!
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