Conqueror did not fix top lane

It's as the title said. I've played enough games with conqueror to understand it fixes absolutely nothing. It is a situational rune vs tanks that can be worthwile if you already won the lane, where you dont need the true damage, or its worthless because you still lose a trade even if you proc it. Conqueror was focused PRIMARILY on fixing bruisers such as jax and yasuo and camille and co, but all it did was break darius. The problem with top lane wasnt tanks so much as simply having no influence whatsoever in lower ELO (in high elo you can draw pressure effectively.) DUELISTS DO NOT UTILISE THIS RUNE CORRECTLY. JAX AND FIORA STILL HAVE NO KEYSTONE. CONQUEROR FIXED NOTHING. Here is my suggestion of a rune which I believe would be a very good idea, one that could correctly balance top lane. Keystone name: Riot's Stubbornness. Gain a stack of Riot's Stubbornness per autoattack on enemy champion (2 for Melee) Max 8 stacks. Each stack grants 1-6 AD. At 8 stacks gain 20%-60% Attack Speed. But nah, we get something that needs 4 seconds to activate and is gold-inefficient against squishies, so no help vs that xayah janna that can now 2v4 you and your jungler, and your midlaner. Hmm lets make them even stronger with indirect buffs! Oh and an MF skin while we are at it, and lets nerf assasins so nobody can play that either. TOP LANE IS STILL MISERABLE TO PLAY. I'VE QUIT IT AND DONE BETTER BY PLAYING JANNA FOR THE FIRST TIME! What made me love this game so much is dying so quickly, and I am only still around because I still have faith that something will change, but for the love of god that faith is dwindling. In particular AA based duelists are so fucking useless because after Illaoi and swain have thwacked your ass and have a 40+cs lead and 3 kill lead you arent coming back to ''duel'' anything. You are a ward and nothing else. I understand perhaps it is because duelists feel difficult for the other classes when they are strong, but they have been incredibly weak since forever, and I'm here to say conqueror did not fix this issue whatsoever. I've quit top lane and I feel I shall soon quit LoL, because Im playing LoL for toplane, which I am not allowed to have because female bot laners must be strong for skin $$$

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