League just isn't fun anymkre

Before I start, I love or loved this game. I've played for 3 seasons about and have poured countless hours into trying to better myself as a player. Yes, I am low elo, but ranked games were always too toxic for my liking so I don't enjoy playing them. At the end of the day this was a game I started playing with all of my friends and bad a blast doing it. Now fast forward two years and here I am, alone playing the game still because every other friend detests this game now. It's lost so much of its fun, mainly because the state of the game currently. It used to be so close in games that you would go back and forth and at the end feel so good knowing that both teams played so hard. Now I feel like an average game is 20-30 minutes of: one team being insanely fed and the other has no kills, no towers, no items, can't farm under turret because they get dove and blown up, and a horrible time. It is sad because there used to be a chance that just survive until late game had some chance to come back. But now the snowballing is impossible to stop. Maybe my elo has a lot to do with it, maybe it's the games I get into. I just know that the game I once had so much fun playing has lot so much of its attraction. In regards to my replies, I expect 50% of the toxic community, saying uninstall or I'm bronze so of course you suck. The other half saying to try and have fun and not care about winning. But there in lies the problem, we are naturally going to want to either win or go down fighting. League has lost ever bit of that. Maybe I will uninstall, I'm just depressed with how much I have devoted to this game just to know it has lost ever bit of what made me love it. Regardless, gg and I hope those who keep playing it don't get to my point.
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