If we have no turrets in 15 minutes its time to FF

Seriously, at this point of the game, there's not much anyone can do. I'm not talking about turrets that are 80% destroyed, not 60% destroyed, I'm talking about enemy turrets, who haven't been touched. At this point in the game, we have no map control. Our jungle has been taken, our lanes have been taken, and our base is completely flooded with minions. Split pushing is also out of the question. I've tried this and only made the score even more imbalanced for my team because everyone spends half of their time doing nothing(not even farming) while the rest of other team goes after me. To all the players that refuse to FF, please be considerate of other players time and don't make lame excuses, known as "We can still win" and also STOP ASKING TO REPORT ME FOR ASKING THE TEAM TO FF 100 TIMES BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO DIE 7 MORE TIMES.
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