The Galio situation.

I just want to know how a champion like Galio gets nerfed to 42% winrate in solo lane over multiple hard nerfs and indirect nerfs back to back for being OP for 1 patch then left in this unplayable state without being disabled from ranked as a int pick and straight up intentionally ignored. Meanwhile some champion like lux go over 4 patch with a 54+ % winrate pick ban in competitive every region and apparently its totally ok for her to be broken?? I dont get it how is that not bias toward a type of champion? lux is a high revenue champion so she gets to be broken? meanwhile galio doesnt make as much money so he gets to be unplayable?? wheres the actual attempt to balance him in solo Q instead of just giving him 100% more damage or 100% less damage each attempts and wondering why he becomes too good?? Top Galio's Worldwide 47.06% Win Rate HOW IS THAT OK??? that champ should be straight hotfixed or disabled from ranked???
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