Rate the roles from most impactful to least

What roles do you think are the most impactful and which are the least? For me personally I would say: 1. **Jungler** - Jungle has the biggest map presence and a good early gank can mean the difference between victory and defeat. 2. **ADC** - Having all their damage come from a distance, not rely on their abilities, and generally being a full AttackSpeed AD focus means they're the most threatening person in every teamfight. If that's not enough of a reason, they also live in the lane closest to dragon, meaning winning their lane also allows for the team to easily take a powerful objective in securing victory. 3. **Mid** - being in the centermost lane, they have the biggest capability to roam, and being in the shortest lane, it's usually the lane who's towers matter the most. 4. **Top** - The peeling, tank champion lives here. Also they generally take a TP because of the distance of the lane. that being the case, if they win their lanes hard, they can take their victory to other lanes. 5. **Support** - THIS IS NOT A RIFF AT SUPPORTS. My most played champion is soraka. The thing is, even if you do super well as a support getting tons of assists and no deaths, that does not guarantee you will win. What about you guys? Ahhh... plz don't just make a list btw. If you explain why you put each lane where it is your opinion has much more weight.
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