Why does everyone hate Yasuo?

He is obviously a balanced champion, it is not like he can block all of your damage with one ability if you are a ranged champion. destroy you if you and violate you even if you are a full armor tank, like he has mobility, zoning, poke, and gap closers, crowd control and more. No, he also doesn't have a shield that makes him less squishy than he should be and a power spike that is all or nothing levels of damage to wreck your ass into one million pieces, NO, hell no. It is also really fun to play against him, like super duper levels of fun, he has such counterplay, just CC him, if you can get past his wall, his mobility, his shield, his teammates, and probably the {{item:3139}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3046}} he will build to keep himself safe. It is really really fun, when he ults me and my team I just throw surrender and get a hot dog to watch my Nexus burn. Are you playing against a Yasuo now? Get some lube. Is there a Yasuo on your team and he is feeding the heck out of his ass because he has something that we call MENTAL LAG and keeps tower diving the enemy champ while the jungler is camping him? get some lube. It is always fun to see him spamming his M7 emote and to know that no matter what, he is balanced. Forget the hate, piss bro.
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