Bounty System - how does it promote comebacks?

Noticing a trend in my games . . . I do well 3/1/2, but my team is 0/4/0 in 10-20 minutes. I now have a bounty on my head and the only one with a bounty on my team. The enemy team has bounties on 3-4 of their players at with someone at 10/0/6. That person seeks me out, collects my bounty, and gg because they just furthered their lead. If I happen to kill them and get their bounty, what does it matter? The rest of my team is still 0/4/0 regardless. Can someone explain to me the logic on how bounties promote comebacks? Instead all I am seeing is just the opposite. It is rarely ever the 0/4/0 person that picks up that bounty so how is it helping them come back into the game? Why should someone with a 700 gold bounty on their own head be able to collect bounties as it will only further their overwhelming lead? Why are bounties global and not player specific?
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