Jungle needs oppertunity cost to ganking again.

No, I don't want jungle to be nerfed. I'd say junglers were _stronger_ (individually) in season 6 - but have more early game impact in season 8. Pretty much, jungle has become a role where neither the jungler nor the laners can solo-carry anymore, and they've become completely intertwined. Jungle relies completely on laners (due to scuttle & nerfs to XP later), and laners rely heavily on jungler (cause they have the ability to chain gank/camp lanes easily). _*~~Junglers need an oppertunity cost to ganking again...~~*_. I think the biggest offender is the camp respawn timers. I won't talk about scuttle here because that's another can of worms. Now, I'm not saying season 6 jungle was perfect, but it's the season I remember most clearly right now. Yes, powerfarming might've been too strong, so it could have been nerfed. But we didn't need this shit. Now jungler's have _no incentive_ to not just sit in a lane or perform gank after gank. I remember in season 6, everything mattered. You had to actively think about your pathing to maximize camps before you performed a gank - because if you didn't, you would fall pretty far behind. Even going for a gank usually resulted in you getting behind on your clear (even a successful gank resulted in the enemy jungler getting 1-2 camps ahead). But this was FINE. You get to snowball yourself AND your laner - shouldn't you lose something for it? So before: you get camped top lane, but it's okay because your Shyvana gets to powerfarm and maybe gets a level or two lead. Their jungle has camps just sitting there waiting to be farmed, so he's literally _losing gold and XP_ for being in your lane. Now: You get camped top. Realize that they can spend 1min top lane because they do not have a camp to farm so they literally lose nothing for ruining your laning phase. Get pissed at your jungler because if they don't actively make a play happen (either a countergank or gank other side of the map) you're pretty much losing the game. Oh, and the enemy jungle stays the same level after camping your lane for 3 minutes straight. And we wonder why push & roam became the meta? Because actually trying to chip enemy tower/deny cs under tower meant you will get ganked within 10 seconds. And even if you evade gank #1, if you push up again you'll just ganked again, over and over. Like, just for example, _*~~how is it healthy that the best jungler in the game can't even clear half the camps and doesn't even build tiamat to try...~~*_{{champion:164}} Here's a reddit thread that goes more in depth: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/aduxy1/the_state_of_the_jungle_and_why_junglers_and/ I was just thinking about this since I saw Locodoco talk about how jungle was dumbed down in terms of pathing and ganking.
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