You should be allowed to surrender at all moments of the game in a 4v5 situation

It’s a huge waste of time when you and your teammates know the game is over because one less person makes a major difference. Even if there are certain win conditions, they are dramatically decreased and can make the game much harder. So as compensation, players should have the guaranteed right to exit a game in which they have an AFK teammate before fifteen minutes for any reason. Now I know, some people might argue that this feature will incentivize always surrendering with an AFK, but don’t you realize that’s a good thing and will actually save time? If someone leaves a game and has the intentions of coming back, what’s the use? More often than not, the opposing team will already be at a major advantage in terms of objectives and potential kills from winning team fights. It’s not fun playing from behind, it’s even worse to recover XP and gold after joining a match being gone for 10+ minutes. By the way, in a ranked game, a leaver who wins a game loses LP, so there’s literally no point in taking an effort to play to win. **Take note that this does not interfere with remakes, which can sometimes become faulty even if the requirements are met from a person not being connected for more than three minutes.** That in itself needs to be fixed.
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