Boosting - and how Riot can deal with it.

Is anyone tired of going into games, even on normal and finding a high ranked person and then a low ranked terrible player that seems to act like a parasite while the high ranked player does all the work for them? Does this not defeat the point of learning League of Legends? Can Riot please get this under control because it completely destroys the new player experience. It seems as if Riot are doing this solely for profit and sacrificing the integrity of the game if it can be so easily exploited. I know that most people do not consider this a problem but I just do not see the point if you cannot learn from your own mistakes, without the backup of somebody super high level. Take Overwatch as an example, it has restrictions on the level of people that que together. For example, you cannot premade with anyone who is a much much higher rank because its just unfair to everyone else. Can we bring this system into League as well to make games fairer, because at the moment, all these premades are ruining the game for solo players that want to learn and develop on their own. If they have high level friends, then why can't they just make a smurf account and play on that. So they are do not get keystone masteries and runes straight off the bat? It makes the game fairer and more fun for everyone then. They are just as valid a demographic as people that want to play with high level players and exploit their way to the top.

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