45% bonus armor pen is rather generous don't you think?

{{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} are both very common items. Found in almost every single game. And their passive 45% bonus armor pen is ridiculously overpowered for such a common, all around good, AND CHEAP!!!, item. For only 2700 gold you can ignore basically half the enemies armor items, while either applying grievous wounds with every attack or gaining up to 15% bonus AD based on max health difference. Since most ADC's have the smallest health pools in the game, that 15% is fairly easy to acquire. Many items now give health by the shit ton. Even AP focused items give health. But 45% bonus armor pen is insane for facing any sort of tanky opposition. With {{item:3142}} being the global ADC core first item now, that is already 20 flat armor pen to start with, add in {{item:3156}} or {{item:3147}} and you got another 10. How are champions like {{champion:111}} suppose survive with this easy armor pen item. If they engage, they get deleted almost as quickly as their squishies since they have no way to counter that amount of free armor pen except by lowering their attack speed. I am not saying full tanks should beet ADCs 50-50, but they should not die as quickly as one either.
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