URF Champion Tier List

Every time URF (or rather ARURF) gets released i tend to play over 200 games of it and it's quite possible that now, I have more URF games than all the other games combined. So with my past and present URF experiences I decided to make a Tier List for all champions out there. I will give all the explanation on every champion below the Tier List so it can give you some insight on how i rated them. I'll be dividing the tiers into: * Tier 0: The strongest champions with almost no counter play, they who lack in weaknesses, are hard to beat and it's really frustrating to have them on the enemy team.* * Tier 0.5: Champions who are right next to Tier 0. Tier 0 can beat them but other tiers struggle. They also lack counter play and it's usually frustrating to have them on the opposing team* * Tier 1: Champions who are strong in a particular way and when played correctly have a noticeable advantage over others. They are usually easily countered by an item or a certain champion 'type'.* * Tier 1.5: Champions who are weak in some areas but can do well against certain compositions. They have an obvious weakness and not much preparation is needed to beat them.* * Tier 2: Low priority picks on URF because of their obvious weaknesses. Champions from this tier are all lacking in some major way, yes they can sometimes counter the higher tiers but it's usually not the case.* * Tier unplayable: The almost unplayable champions.* * Anti-URF Tier: Champions that are frustrating to play against and in most scenarios can't be countered even with tier 0 champions. They are spread across other tiers but almost all champions struggle to kill them.* I'll be assuming all the champions are being piloted properly by skilled players. Without further ado lets get into it: **Tier 0:** {{champion:114}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:62}} **Tier 0.5:** {{champion:103}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:19}} **Tier 1:** {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:15}} **Tier 1.5:** {{champion:84}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:36}} **Tier 2:** {{champion:268}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:429}} **Tier Unplayable:** {{champion:266}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:154}} With this being said ill get into the Anti-URF Tier and later discuss every champion individually. **The Anti-URF Tier:** {{champion:103}} _Ahri's mobility and kiting on URF are unmatched. She can outrun basically everyone and it's quite frustrating to have to chase her. To top it all if she buys Rylai's {{item:3116}} it's almost certain nobody will be able to chase her_ {{champion:12}} _Alistar's permanent CC is something we've all encountered at least once. The Anti-URF factor is obvious and doesn't need much explanation._ {{champion:86}} _If you can't kite/outrun him you are dead. Though the 4x{{item:3031}} build isn't possible nowdays it's still possible for Garen players to shread their opponents in no time._ {{champion:120}} _We've all heard of the Hecacopter but in recent URF years thats not his strong point. With RIOT nerfing all the resists and items now its just better to oneshot people with Hecarim. The Anti-URF factor comes from those oneshots cause you can't do anything about it._ {{champion:202}} _His 1 basic gives him insane movement speed and he can practically run forever._ {{champion:30}} _This is trivial. If you can't counter his ultimate its hard to play versus him._ {{champion:54}} _Malphite's {{summoner:4}} + ULT is hard to counter play and rarely who can survive it. IT cant always be dodged and sometimes you need to predict it._ {{champion:57}} _Probably everyone has seen the unkillable Maokai with his infinite CC and healing. It's not hard to counter but it's really not fun to play against._ {{champion:11}} _If your team lacks hard CC its over, you can't stop him._ {{champion:25}} _Permanent roots are hard to play against in URF and most of the champions struggle to get to her - and even if they do she still has her ult and {{item:3157}} ._ {{champion:497}} _I'm not quite sure about him being an Anti-URF champ but he has a lot of CC and can run away pretty good._ {{champion:33}} _He can output a lot of damage while you are taunted, can run really fast and is pretty tanky. Definitely something not fun to play against._ {{champion:23}} _Same goes for him as for{{champion:11}} ._ {{champion:45}} _He has the best control tool in URF, has high damage output and if you get stunned you usually die on the spot._ {{champion:254}} _Vi can execute people with 1 spell rotation with no counter play and even the small gaps you have to fight her aren't enough to actually do anything._ {{champion:8}} _This is, again, pretty simple and doesn't need an explanation._ {{champion:62}} _Permanent stealth, high damage, very annoying ulti. The only gap you have to fight him is when you are tanking his ultimate._ {{champion:111}} Permanent crowd control and he also has a shield. There's nothing fun when facing him but you can have some pretty good highlights with full AP one shots. {{champion:32}} Same as Nautilus. If he hits 1 Q you are most likely dead. **And now every champion individually:** {{champion:266}} : I haven't seen the new Aatrox do good on URF, I've tried him myself but didn't do particularly well either. My opinion on him might be wrong but looking at his kit he doesn't seem like a good fit for a strong URF champion. {{champion:103}} : Her damage and mobility are pretty strong. You can even go as far as to play her AD. She doesn't have many weaknesses on URF. {{champion:84}} : You might argue about this but i don't think she is the strongest type of champion in URF. Yes I've saw the 0.3s Q but if she can't do that, and there are many champions immune to her Q spam, she doesn't seem like the strongest type for URF. Still pretty strong and can do insane plays with all of her mobility. {{champion:12}} : Permanent CC is permanent CC. His ult makes him even harder to kill but for some long range champs he isn't a problem. {{champion:32}} : If he hits his Q there's not much counter play but if he can't hit his Q he isn't that scary. {{champion:34}} : Nice control tools but if you can ignore those she isn't a hard target. {{champion:1}} : Just don't let her stun you and you are okay but if she has her {{summoner:4}} it's not that simple. It's almost the same as with {{champion:54}} and if you don't predict her ult/flash+ult it's hard to stay alive. {{champion:22}} : W spam in lane is annoying, she has a strong ulti but it't not particularly hard to beat her with some mobility tools. {{champion:136}} : He's kinda weak. It's cool when you see him pop-off but he isn't a strong URF contender. {{champion:268}} : The old Azir was better for URF. Now with shorter Q range, less attack speed and all the changes they did to him, it's harder to do well with him. {{champion:432}} : He can be annoying but can also be a easy target. {{champion:53}} : There are Blitz's who do well and there are those who don't. I'll say its luck based, but team compositions can impact his performance. {{champion:63}} : He was stronger in earlier URFs but now, since the game is more oriented around oneshoting people, he kinda fell down a bit. Still strong. {{champion:201}} : I don't see him hard carrying alone but he can be a good addition to a team with already established carry picks. {{champion:51}} : She can be very very verrrryyy annoying with her traps and damage but she doesn't have what it takes to be among the strongest champions. {{champion:164}} : Her mobility is insane but you have time to react before she can hit you with the second part of her Q. {{champion:69}} : Cassio can be annoying to play against but she can be avoided if you have mobility tools at your disposal. {{champion:31}} : His kit is pretty Anti-URF but it's a little too slow. If you can dodge it you'll be fine. {{champion:42}} : It's kind of an eeh pick for URF but sometimes you can do well with him. He doesn't have any particular strong points. {{champion:122}} : Idk what to say for Darius. He can be just a free kill or can be someone who goes 1v5 and can not be killed. His performance is matchup based. {{champion:131}} : Yes she has high burst damage and lacks some counter play but doesn't have a follow up after that burst. {{champion:36}} : He can spam his Q and be pretty tanky but can't output enough damage to beat everyone. {{champion:119}} : This is really matchup depended and if he can get to his items he'll be a beast. If you don't allow him to get resources he wont be a problem. {{champion:245}} : Ekko is a strange one. Sometimes he is insane and sometimes he is really weak. If he gets ahead he can be really annoying to deal with. {{champion:60}} : Has some strong points like her E stun but isn't fast in damage output. {{champion:28}} : I saw she got buffed for URF but idk why. She can still do good and if ahead doesn't give you much room for counter play. {{champion:81}} : The 2nd best poke champion on URF after {{champion:126}} . With dark harvest and the new W he can oneshot people after he buys some items. He is weak to some assassins but if there are no assassins he usually outdamages everyone in the game. My personal recommended build: {{item:3146}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3116}} Runes: Dark Harvest, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, Ravenous Hunter + Transcendence and Gathering Storm/Scorch. Easily 1000+AP {{champion:9}} : His damage output isn't good for URF. He has an Anti-URF kit but can't utilize very well. He is also pretty squishy. {{champion:114}} : Personally i think she's was the strongest URF champion. She can outplay everything and she even got nerfed specifically for URF. Not many champions are a problem for her in the late game, aside from {{champion:11}} and {{champion:23}} and the best way to beat her is to put a lot of poke versus her in lane ({{champion:126}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:110}} etc.) {{champion:105}} : Everyone knows Fizz is insane in URF. {{champion:3}} : The old Galio was the strongest URF champion but the new one isn't lacking. He has a lot of damage and CC and if you can land it he will feel pretty strong. {{champion:41}} : Not much to say about GP but in most cases he isn't a problem to beat. His kit isn't really good for URF. {{champion:86}} : You can play him on a touchscreen it wouldn't make a difference. {{champion:150}} : One of the few almost unplayable champions on URF. {{champion:79}} : Good damage, CC and mobility but for him to be higher up in the list he needs to be faster and RIOT nerfed his ult a long time ago. {{champion:104}} : High damage output and not much counter play. Though you can beat him in some cases his mobility and tankiness make him a perfect killing machine. {{champion:120}} : {{item:3095}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3009}} {{champion:74}} : Can do well but not in all cases. It really depends on the matchup and if you are against a high mobility team he isn't as powerful. {{champion:420}} : I mean she can 1v5 but not in all cases. There's a lot of ways to play around her thought her E in lane is pretty unfun to play against. {{champion:39}} : I haven't seen much gameplay of the new Irelia on URF. I'm not gonna say she is weak or super strong but i still haven't seen any revolutionary builds for her and hadn't tried the full lethality one i played on the old one. Probably pretty fun to play. {{champion:427}} : With a pack of weed anything can work. {{champion:40}} : She can run away pretty good but lacks in damage output. It's probably best to put her with a carry to make her perform the best. {{champion:59}} : Jarvan boy is really strong on URF with his mobility CC and damage output. Not all champions can play around his E+Q combo and even those who can can't survive his ult. Pretty strong but not the unbeatable type. My recommendation for you is to try him with {{summoner:11}} MID and if done correctly you will always be 2 levels ahead of everyone. {{champion:24}} :) {{champion:126}} : One of the strongest URF champions solely cause of his poke range. I wanted to put him in Tier 0 but he can't solo carry like the others from T0 can. {{champion:202}} : I don't like to play against him at all. He is squishy and not hard to burst but getting close to him is the problem. His damage output is decent but nothing amazing if not ahead. {{champion:222}} : Idk why a lot of people prefer to play Jinx over some strong picks but in my opinion she can easily be countered. Her W damage is very high and if she gets the chance she will take over the lane really fast making you unable to play effectively. Other than that if you get close to her she is pretty much dead. {{champion:145}} : Not sure what to think about Kaisa on URF. Yeah W will be on a short CD but everyone can dodge it in URF, and if you go AD you have to basic attack to do damage and most carries aren't good with that on URF but overall not gonna say she's bad, you just need to find a good way to use her kit. {{champion:429}} : Other than securing objectives and doing some cool stuff with your ult she can't do anything. Sure someone might have had an amazing game with her but on URF she's more like a support champion. {{champion:43}} : You can do a lot of cool stuff and outplays with Karma but over the past years RIOT has nerfed her quite a bit and it all reflected on URF too. {{champion:30}} : To me he is really boring but if you like that sort of play style no one can stop you from playing him. His strengths and weaknesses are obvious. {{champion:38}} : The definition of ULTRA RAPID FIRE. {{champion:55}} : Her performance kinda got trashed with the rework but she can still do well and has a nice damage output. RIOT even went as far as to buff her for URF. {{champion:10}} : I mean pretty linear gameplay. not much depth, you just auto and hope to kill someone before your ult runs out. {{champion:141}} : Both the blue and the red Kayn are annoying to deal against but not like he is a big problem like Jax, Fiora, Jayce etc. {{champion:85}} : His performance is matchup depended cause if he can't get close he is as much as useless. {{champion:121}} : Sometimes does well sometimes doesn't. VERY high damage output for a champion whose URF gameplay doesn't differ from his usual gameplay. {{champion:203}} : She can be pretty good depending on the matchups but later in the game your ult is bound to make a huge impact on every major teamfight. {{champion:240}} : Idk, he does nothing. {{champion:96}} : A solid poke option though not as good as some of the higher tiers. Pretty good damage output and range but very low mobility can be a problem for him. {{champion:7}} : Just insane. You can play her AP or AD. {{champion:64}} : I thought of putting him in the Anti-URF Tier cause if he can ult you, you are usually dead by the time you can react. But, it still doesn't mean he will always be able to do that. Busted damage output for no reason, i hate playing against him. {{champion:89}} : Aside from the permanent CC she has she can't deal the damage necessary to carry alone. {{champion:127}} : If her spells were faster she would be much much stronger. Like this, she has a lot of counter play available. {{champion:236}} : AP or AD it doesn't matter, he will always do enough damage to be impactful. {{champion:117}} : She is really dumb and can counter many strong picks with her CC. Overall pretty good in everything and a very strong one. {{champion:99}} : If they don't have the tools to get to you, Lux will be very strong. She's got one of the best pick potential abilities and applies a lot of pressure. {{champion:54}} : No counter play. {{champion:90}} : One of the most annoying champions to play against. If you can get {{item:3140}} he usually wont be a problem but he still has a ton of annoying damage and spiltpush ability. {{champion:57}} : I don't want to comment him... {{champion:11}} : Only way to counter him is with hard CC. {{champion:21}} : She packs a ton of damage like most marksman, but yet again, doesn't have the mobility tools to be higher in the list. Her ults are still nasty. {{champion:82}} : Weaknesses everywhere. {{champion:25}} : Permanent CC is not fun to deal with. {{champion:267}} : She is too slow for URF. {{champion:75}} : This really depends on the matchup cause if they can't kite or CC you you will be a beast. Yeah AP is also possible but i think AD is more potent. {{champion:111}} : He probably deserves a spot in the Anti-URF category but needs items to work. {{champion:518}} : Too slow to be higher in the tiers. {{champion:76}} : Her kit is good but Q's are harder to hit on URF, therefore she is where she is. {{champion:56}} : Performance is matchup oriented. {{champion:20}} : I love his E on URF but he still lacks some damage & sustain. {{champion:2}} : He can be annoying but if you have enogh burst for him, he's not a problem. {{champion:61}} : Kinda slow for URF but still a solid pick. She can do well versus slower champions but she is lacking versus high mobility ones. {{champion:516}} : Slow for URF but can still do game changing plays. {{champion:80}} : Holy crap AD Pantheon on URF is really strong. He doesn't provide much counter play, his passive is always up and he can kill you with 1 spell rotation. He's a lot stronger on URF than before. {{champion:78}} : Probably everyone hates to play versus her cause of her CC and damage output. Full AD can work in some cases but it's usually better to go tank. {{champion:555}} : Can run forever. Aside from his ult, his other spell are risky to use: Q slows you down and you are easier to hit with skill shots and E puts you in front of them. {{champion:133}} : In the right hands she is insanely strong. She can kite and chase pretty well and has one of the best anti-engages being her E (for 1v1 combat). {{champion:497}} : Annoying CC and so much room for flashy plays. His kit is perfect for engages and running away and his damage is not lacking. {{champion:33}} : Pretty dumb. You just run into someone and if it works it works if it doesn't you die. {{champion:421}} : Very bad. She got buffed just for URF and she still can't compete with others. {{champion:58}} : If you kite him hes not a problem, if you are in melee he is a problem. {{champion:107}} : Stupid damage output and recover potential. He can be countered but not with every champion. {{champion:92}} : She is good, nothing amazing, but really good. {{champion:68}} : One of the strongest champions for URF apparently but he got nerfed specifically for URF and i don't see him do that well ever since. Still a powerhouse but can lack vs some compositions. {{champion:13}} : Is he not disabled? {{champion:113}} : A ton of crowd control is never fun to face but if you can dodge her spells you won't have... much... problems. {{champion:35}} : Hey it's the champion everyone loves to hate. Aside from being annoying to play against he has decent damage both AP or AD variants. {{champion:98}} : Pretty strong but nothing you can't get over. While his E is very annoying you have to beat him in the small gaps of time you have while you are not taunted and he is very tanky so it makes it harder to beat him. {{champion:102}} : AP Shyv can burst entire teams with her E and the spell isn't easy to dodge. It takes people off guard and lacks counter play. {{champion:27}} : Singed is just an annoyance that's running around the rift. Usually you can ignore him but sometimes he can make a huge difference. He isn't dangerous on his own but with the right build he can catch the carries off guard and fling them to their deaths. {{champion:14}} : Sion on URF isn't anything special. His main damage spell being his Q is tooooo slow to ever work and if you decide to go AP you sacrifice a lot of his damage. However with his ability R he can catch people and then burst them down while they are stunned. {{champion:15}} : It's just wave clear and chill with Sivir until you get your items. She will push the enemy behind their towers and dealing with her can be quite annoying. She packs a lot of damage in her autos and has the mobility to survive but that sometimes isn't enough. {{champion:72}} : Skarners play style is really dumb - you run into people and CC them to their deaths. He has a really strong kit for URF but his weakness is that he is so short ranged and can only work if really close to the opponents. {{champion:37}} : Sona was one of the most broken champions on URF back in the day, so broken RIOT even disabled her. However URF has changed and now since it's more focused on one shoting someone Sona's power level has fallen down a bit. However, she is still very strong. {{champion:16}} : Her E is what gives her the edge in every fight. AOE silence is a thing to be feared and that silence alone can shut down so many solo carry champions if they don't play around it. {{champion:50}} : Swain's spell casts and projectile speed are kinda slow for URF. If he manages to hit his abilities he can ditch out a lot of damage but he still isn't the type of champion to dominate the URF gamemode. {{champion:517}} : I haven't seen much Sylvas on URF on the PBE. He seems okay bun not broken. His kit is full of utility tools and he can be pretty sticky and hard to kill with his shields and heals. But I never saw him being the problem of the game. There were always stronger champions around him. {{champion:134}} : Syndra is the type of champion that will always kill you even if you manage to get her. If you don't have {{item:3157}} or another way to dodge her ult damage it will be pretty frustrating to play against her and even if you manage to counter her ult but she's still alive she has enough damage to finish you off. She's also got a decent disengage tool so getting close to her might be a problem. {{champion:223}} : Let's be hones, Tahm is pretty bad on URF and even with the buffs RIOT gave him it won't change much. He'll just be more annoying to deal with in some cases but don't expect him to do much better. {{champion:163}} : Taliyah lacks disengage tools when champions are on top of her and her W is too slow to actually protect her. Other than that she's a fine control mage and her damage output is pretty high. {{champion:91}} : Talon is one of those champions who has next to no counter play. If he lands his combo you are probably already dead and even if you survive his bleed+ignite will take you down. He is hard to play against and you need to capitalize on every mistake he makes. {{champion:44}} : Taric benefits from URF a lot. His kit seems broken with lower CDs but his kit is still a little too slow for URF. However, if he manages to land his spells, he can quickly change the tide of a fight. {{champion:17}} : Relies on his mushrooms and can only work versus some specific champions. If they have sweepers it's hard to do well with Teemo. {{champion:412}} : You can go him AD you can go him full tank. Sometimes it will work sometimes it wont. It depends if you can out damage or out sustain the enemy team. {{champion:18}} : She's a meh pick. Can be fun to play but she has obvious weaknesses. Though if they are not aware of your damage you can surprise a lot of opponents. {{champion:48}} : Not a problem early but later on when he gets his items he can be really annoying to deal with. Though not a huge threat most of the time anyways. {{champion:23}} : Next to no counter play. Even if you have CC. {{champion:4}} : Strong in lane but weak in head on fights. {{champion:29}} : It can sometimes work but in reality it shouldn't but nobody keeps track of him anyways cause it's URF. Still can do massive damage if unanswered. {{champion:77}} : Just running around won't win you the game. He can be annoying and gain you some advantage but if you play versus him correctly he wont be a problem. {{champion:6}} : Never saw new Urgot do anything on URF. {{champion:110}} : Yeah his poke is insane but if you get close its bye bye to him. {{champion:67}} : It sometimes works but usually nah. {{champion:45}} : Very strong. I use Phase Rush and some movement speed + tanky items to play him cause i don't like dying with him but you probably witnessed his power and ability to impact games. {{champion:161}} : If you have the chance to poke he is insanely strong. But get close to him and you are sending him straight back to the Void with a bullet train. {{champion:254}} : I gave an explanation in the Anti-URF part. {{champion:112}} : As the game progresses he gets stronger and stronger. If you can one shot him then hes not a threat. {{champion:8}} : Very very strong and frustrating to play against. Permanent W and healing in the late game are hard to beat. {{champion:106}} : He can sometimes work but he isn't that strong on URF cause he doesn't gain all that much from 80% CD. {{champion:19}} : One of the most annoying champions to deal with, He can win games on his own and you really need a plan on how to deal with him or he will just dominate the game. {{champion:62}} : Really the only way to beat him is to: poke him in lane and ruin his game/ somehow out damage him/ kill him while tanking his ultimate. {{champion:498}} : A damage powerhouse with an escape tool but she doesn't really stop you from anything cause she can't damage you while ulting. {{champion:101}} : Same as all the heavy poke champions. Get close to him and hes done for. {{champion:5}} : Xin can do a lot of stuff on URF and was one of the strongest URF picks for a long time. However he is nothing unbeatable and you don't have to take extreme measures to beat him like you have versus the higher tier champions. {{champion:157}} : Yasuo doesn't benefit form URF and is almost unplayable but sure you can go and have fun with your favorite champion... {{champion:83}} : I don't even know what this champ does. He exists in the game files but not in the game. {{champion:154}} : The Zac rework really hit his URF gameplay and now he is really bad. Can probably make some picks but other than that - pretty bad. {{champion:238}} : Probably fan favorite along with {{champion:24}} , Zed has been one of the strongest URF champions since day 1. However you need to be careful so they don't one shot you while you are playing him. {{champion:115}} : Cool for poke, annoying to chase. though he doesn't have all that many escape tools he can catch you with his damage output and take you down with him. Structures are non-existent. {{champion:26}} : Can't killean. {{champion:142}} : Pretty cool to play but you win off of their mistakes. You need a lot of skill to play her to her full potential on URF. {{champion:143}} : A beast for poking but if you execute her quickly she won't be a problem. She has problems with longer range poke on lane and with assassins later. And that should conclude this URF Tier List. I'm sure not everything is correct but most of the things are from my experience. I appreciate all the suggestions and comments you give me and I'm sorry if I've put your champion in a lower spot than you think he/she deserves. It always bothered me when youtubers make an URF Tier List video and they always forget something cause they have no experience with/against a certain champion/build. With that being said, I'm pretty happy i finally did this sort of thing and must say it was a lot of fun doing it (though 1000+ hours of playing URF was better). Peace out and I hope I helped some of you guys/gals with this all around Tier List. > **EDIT** > **CHANGES WERE MADE TO THE TIER LIST BASED ON MORE GAMES ON THE LIVE** > Changes: > {{champion:40}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:36}} moved from tier 2 to tier 1.5 > {{champion:15}} moved from 1.5 to 1 > {{champion:429}} moved from unplayable to tier 2 > {{champion:133}} moved from tier 1 to tier 1.5 > {{champion:111}} {{champion:32}} added to anti-URF. Honestly i thought they were anti-URF from the start just forgot them. > **ONE MORE THING** > The Transcendence Rune is the best rune on URF on most champions (and if you take Transcendence also take 1-10% CDR in the offense Runes). Why you might wonder? > Well for any mage if you have Transcendence {{item:3285}} **= 130AP** {{item:3157}} **= 95AP** Blue Buff = 20AP. It allows you to have more AP than ever since it has such a high convert scale and also 1-10% CDR in runes gives you 1-10AD or 2-20AP which is higher than 6AD or 9AP from the other rune. > For AD champions it's not that insane but stuff like {{item:3078}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3812}} will still give you more stats than with any other Rune. _P.S. for anyone wondering my accounts are Daxonion and Veljkisa on the EUNE server. I peaked Diamond 2 back in season 6 but stopped playing attention to ranked afterwards. Last season i got to Diamond 4 on Flex even though op.gg doesn't say that and you can check it if you have an EUNE account. So before you comment something that has to do with my skill/division know that i was better than 99% of players on the EUNE server and still am in the top 5% by statistics._
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