"Rate of change" is TOO LOW, in that there's never enough fast followup

/dev diary: Rate of change in League
Ghostcrawler discusses the reasoning behind League's frequent updates, and how much change is too much.
Do you realise how freaking long you left us drowning in the consequences of preseason while you were on vacation? Hell, we're still suffering Caitlyn's overbearingness from preseason 6, when is it going to be addressed? Day to day balance is too slow, you need to be quicker with smaller nerfs, and pile more up when needed. Bandaids immediately (as long as they're moderate) make for a better game and make solving issues easier when you don't have 5000 cases of imbalance hanging around because "nah let's wait and assess". Example, we all know Aatrox can't be strong until his rework. But **old Poppy was more unhealthy and yet she was not kept as weak**. Why must he be stuck for THREE YEARS being the weakest champ in the whole game? Why not giving him a couple stat buffs by a couple points? Or a slightly faster/wider Q? Whatever minibuff you can afford doing in 30 minutes one day, then in a patch if he's still unplayable you do another. Until he's playable. Not strong, playable. How hard is it to tackle EVERYTHING instantly with a heavy feet approach, instead of waiting for years before completely remaking ONE thing?
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