You know what the difference between ADC balance, and all other class's balance?

Riot has buffs incoming for Lucian next patch. The very same Lucian that sees sporadic but frequent play across all region, including being picked in EU semifinals right now. Reminds me of that time Riot buffed Vayne while she was still being picked. And that time Riot buffed Tristana while she was still being picked. No other class sees balance like this, if a champion gets picked competitively Riot goes "oh okay they're being played, we won't buff them." Or, worse yet, Riot goes "we CAN'T buff them, or they'll be OP!" ADCs though seem to be this special star-child of Riot games. Doesn't matter if an ADC is still a solid pick, they're not THE top tier pick, and therefore need buffs. The closest thing I can think of honestly is the time Riot compensated Ahri for removing DFG (people weren't building DFG Ahri in Korea.) Other than that? Pretty much no comparison to how Riot treats ADCs. It's like they like to see what they can get away with before it becomes a huge balance issue. So long as they just keep sneaking in Vayne buffs nobody will notice right? I mean, right until she's basically picked every other game while maintaining a 52% win rate. And then even despite that Riot turns around and buffs Vayne again. Now it's Lucian's turn! Before that it was Tristana. Before that it was Sivir. Then we turn around and wonder how Caitlyn got powercreeeped so hard.
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