I found out whats really wrong with Yuumi + useful tips/rules

The problem is that people tend to stay attached for too long. Here are the dos and donts of playing yuumi: + Only attach to your ally to heal him, to poke an enemy from behind minions, to slow down enemies when your jungler/adc wants to chase them down + Fully utilize your passive, If youre attached to a champion quickly unattach, poke with your AA and attach back (only if your ADC is in danger) + DO NOT, and i repeat, DO NOT spend all of your money on support items, when you can, buy {{item:1082}} if you wanna play yuumi effectively buy AP items (Support items like {{item:3504}} and {{item:3116}} are great too, as long as they give you AP) + DO NOT stay attached, you want to attack minions to lower their hp for your ADC to kill + In team fights, always attach to the most deadly champion on your team, so they can easily get the kills, help them with your Q's slow If an ally lost alot of hp try to attach to them and spam your heal + If you are being chased down attach to the nearest ally and slow the aggressor with you Q, if you have no ally nearby pray for mercy ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ + You want to use your ult in these situations: 1. Your team is engaging in a teamfight and the enemies are grouped together 2. When the ADC or jungler youre attached to chases down an enemy or a group of enemies with them having a high chance of escaping 3. When running away from enemies and theres a low chance of you or your teammate escaping + Be careful who you decide to support, if a specific ally is super aggressive and because of that he is dying often DO NOT stay attached to them There are probably many more things I missed, but this is the CORE YUUMI guide and rules you need to stick to if you want a positive KDA

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