Let's be HONEST. Malphite and Rammus should counter yasuo. And after malza's nerf he has no counters

Captured with Lightshot
Besides kayle, which we should all agree that isn't even on the current meta (Aka significant), ALL his """counters"'' can't even bring his winrate to something lower than 45%. But if you analyze any other lol champ you'll see that they all have at least 4 champs that bring their winrate to low 4x% rates, some even with 3+ champs that makes de winrate go to 3x%. Rammus and malphite for ex, clearly made to counter AA ad based champs, aren't real threats to Yasuo, and in my opinion they should be hard counters for him in Top. His Armor Breaking Ultimate vanishes champs that were made to counter him.
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