Regarding the future of Akali and the board's "Riot doesn't listen to us"

Can you guys just stop? Akali is already barely playable, yet people still keep complaining that she's OP and "broken" and what not, but apparently even pros seem to be doing jack on her. Her avg KDA is 1.5. Her current win rate even in Masters+ is bellow 50%, while depending on tracking site, she goes from anywhere between 42% to a max of 48% general win rate, based on ranks. So in case you didn't heard, Riot is considering removing both her Obscure under towers and her Q healing. Ok, Obscure under towers can go away, if she gets compensation buffs to allow her to actually kill enemies, or at least, all the W nerfs reverted, but her healing going away? That thing is what barely keeps her going early game, you can poke her out of lane with constant poke, not a "hey, I've hit her once 5 mins ago, I'll hit her again now, wait what? She healed all the damage I did to her 5 mins ago? BROKEN OP RITO REMOVE". (Seriously, a good bunch of time ago, I had a guy who would use a spell on me once or twice per minute, then cry my Healing is OP, even tho what he did wouldn't even be considered harass). People still complain without even trying to learn. She barely does any damage, yet people don't want her damage buffed, so needs some defense, but because she can defend herself, people don't like it. Zed can delete you under your tower in 0.5s while taking at best 1 turret shot, people go "Zed is weak, even Faker said so", while, again, depending on tracking sites, his winrate is between 49% to 55%, in D+ and M+, but if Akali needs like 6s+ to kill you under tower, while also needing to execute it perfectly to avoid tower shots "WTF RITO, OP OP OP OP NERF GUT DELETE I NO FUN", but hey, I guess you guys have more fun playing "grey screen simulator", featured game powered by the rest of the assassins. Then there's her healing, like, what in the actual SHACO???? That thing is there, it barely helps her and I've had no problem against it, because I actually harass her, I don't let her do what she wants, and you know what, for those playing AD champs or tanky dudes in top lane, there's cheap anti-healing items. {{item:3123}} for your Zeds and what not, but then again, I can see you going like "but if he goes that, he can't kill that early", but then Akali can't regen either if you go harass her accordingly, and you do need that sooner or later for her Gunblade power spike. (Speaking of that stupid clown, his winrate, depending on tracking site, is between 53% to 60% in D+ and M+ with a healthy 5%-7% pr, but hey, the boards call him weak) Can people just learn to play for once? Yea, I get it, Akali isn't fun to play against, but that's not a reason to keep gutting her. There are many more champs who aren't fun to play against, like {{champion:11}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:105}} for a start, but noone cries about them. Master Yi is now considered A tier viable in high elo jungle by a good bunch of people, yet "he's easy to deal with, only noobs can't" - the boards. Let that sink in, Master Yi, the "epitome of low elo pub stomper that's trash in plat+" is now A tier in high elo, then again, I expect people to throw a fit because that list isn't in line with their own personal opinions, even tho Moriarty, the guy who made the list is a challenger coach who could've went pro but decided at the time not to due to personal reasons (you can find the interview with him online, if you want all the details, go look it up). You guys kept crying that Akali's heal is too much to deal with and now Riot is considering removing it completely, yet people still cry that Riot doesn't listen to the boards, but this also proves how little the boards understand about balance. If Riot removes her Obscure under tower and healing, she will need serious buffs in the damage department for her to be viable, but you will just cry that "WHY BUFF AKALI, SHE OP SHE NEEDZ GUTTING NOT BUFFS" Can you just stop and let her be? Akali had enough nerfs, she's barely usable outside of being a counter pick in high elo to stuff like Jax, and since you don't want her buffed, which is an obvious thing at how much you cry about her, just let be. If Riot nerfs more on her, she will need a heavy power buff in other areas and you don't want that. Instead of banning her, learn to play around her. Is it too hard, or am I asking for too much?

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