Top Lane Balance Changes

Hi guys im a diamond 1 fiora top lane main and i just wanna share my opinion about the meta in top lane right now and hopefully the balance team can see and have a chance to reconsider what they are doing with the roles balancing changes. First off the role in its current state is super 1v1/matchup oriented many of the champs that are strong are strong because they counter the champions that are op in the meta. The 5 main top lane champions that you must be playing in high elo in order to climb higher are jax, riven, kayle, hecarim, or kennen. Anything outside these 5 champions and you are risking the game for your team by playing a champion that is not nearly up to par with these champions. if you notice something about these picks is that 3 are conqueror champions and 2 are ranged (kayle plays like a ranged even pre 11) klepto users. The reason for this is conqueror the worst mistake riot has made to top lane in a long while. I understand old conqueror was a big issue and how it made the lane stale but the change that makes this rune so toxic is the reduction of 10% true damage for 10% healing on damage. This makes it where no matter how much you nerf the adaptive force champions that have sustained damage in fights i.e. jax riven hecarim are going to be super over powered. Conq was initially meant to be a tank buster rune where it helped with dealing with the strong tanks by giving u some cutdown potential as a bruiser, but now with the healing instead of true damage you have switched that power into a teamfighting and even a better dueling rune as it makes it where champions who previously could be all inned at an early stage no longer have the ability to even lose trades early because the healing from the rune is so over statted. Riven is arguably one of the most broken champs in the game with her tanky but high dps build leaving her very little counterplay and now with the conqueror changes she can even sustain in 3v1s just fine with a lead with conqueror and deaths dance. Right now riot is looking to buff fiora in the next patch because conqueror doesnt fit her champion as well as the other champions mentioned as her biggest counter matchups right now are exactly that of kayle, jax, hecarim and even now has a hard time with riven which was previously an easier matchup. The buffs they are doing to her are meaningless and wont help her in late late game or split pushing which she has a problem with every category of play. She loses in dueling to jax and riven even when she has a slight lead and doesnt win in the split vs any of these champs and has a worst team fight. Riot needs to realize the problem with balancing isnt the champs its the fact that the healing on conqueror is just too overtuned and should be reverted to the 10% true damage it once gave. This would help balance these bruisers that are extremely op and not hurt the tanks too much because they will now be able to trade with the bruisers again without the healing. Tanks are absolutely useless in top lane right now because they have no way to fight any conqueror matchup and this is why they are buffing bramble vest already one of the best items in the game. WHY ARE WE BUFFING BRAMBLE INSTEAD OF NERFING CONQUEROR.

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