Is there another solution to face ranged champs like Vlad on top lane than calling Jungler 24/7 ?

Except playing ranged champ or calling jungler 24/7, i don't see how you lane vs {{champion:8}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:133}} Oh maybe i should start playing {{champion:157}}... I hate this champ too but he seems like the only option i have to play vs this BS. Vladimir is stupid. A very bad designed champ with 0 counterplay except ganking him 24/7. Even with Grievous wounds and ignite, i still struggle to kill him. His damage is horrible, his substain is horrible, only point and click abilities that you can't really dodge... This champion make me want to afk before the game starts. Mid/late, he gets 4000 HP and 600/700 AP which is very balanced. Kayle is going to get nerfed and thanks, she is so brainless and powerful. This champ should be renamed "free win" because she does nothing except poking with E and Klepto and farming until mid/lategame. Then she deals a stupid dmg and she is unkillable or she make a teammates unkillable with her busted ulti who deal 1 ton of damage. Even when she isn't feed, she is annoying. A single good ulti of Kayle can break a teamfight. It's horrible. And the last but not least : This monstruosity called Quinn. Probably the "Queen" of annoyingness. This champ was purely designed to be cancer and ganked 24/7. Not only she destroys you in lane because you can't approach her but at lvl 6, she roam your mid lane and your bot lane and get feed. She invades your jungler's jungle and she kills him and you can't even react because you would need to be fast as Flash to catch her. You can also talk about {{champion:85}} or {{champion:17}}. Teemo is horrible to face but at least, he isn't very useful in teamfight, he can't roam every 2s and he isn't a lategame god like Kayle or Vladimir. Kennen is more horrible than Teemo because his ulti make him powerful in teamfight. A pain too but i prefer face a Kennen than Quinn/Kayle or Vlad. {{champion:150}} isn't that much played but he is horrible too. Basically every ranged top matchup vs melee champ is a pain. I should consider playing Yasuo to get rid of these horrible things. Yeah i play Irelia also but i still can't win vs these champs, maybe Yasuo is better. It's horrible, i hate Yasuo and i don't want to get corrupt by this champ but i feel like i have no choice. Plus, they gaved me Boss battle Yasuo on hextech artisanat, so i should probably forget my moral values and go for this champ. Maybe you should add {{summoner:32}} to SR or make an item who make lane easier vs these champs. I don't know but it's horrible to play vs this and i feel like calling jungler everytime or playing champs like Yasuo are the only solution.
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