Neeko is the most disgustingly busted champion release since Rengar and Vayne.

Even beyond her bugs relating to her information being blank until she uses her passive so you cannot see her starting items or runes, beyond her disgusting AP ratio's and uninterruptible ult combo with Zhonya's, the fact she can just copy a low hp ally while she herself is full hp, charge her ult without it being visible, then denying any ability to fight back or counter it while she's totally invulnerable, and will absolutely demolish your entire team who collapsed on a low hp enemy, like jesus christ even if she did no damage at all her utility and toxicity is just bonkers. They teased a fake leblanc kit before the real one was released and it was about concealing her hp bar and it caused such uproar and rage with the community. Then they go and release this disgusting abomination who is really on a totally new level of bullshit. I haven't complained about a champ release since Rengar, who absolutely was busted beyond belief, but holy fucking shit this champion is absolutely disgusting in every conceivable way. I could tolerate Zoe. I actually like what Pyke brings to the table. But this new champ is the most toxic bs I've seen in a very long time. Being able to pretend you're a low hp adc but you're a full hp burst mage with zhonya's ready, charging an uninterruptible and invisible instant kill ult that even if it doesn't kill you by itself also fucking STUNS you is so unbelievably unfair and disgusting.
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