I think this whole galio fiasco shows that this balance team needs to be changed

How in the world this wasant hotfixed yet? Singed and sivir got hotfixed for way less, galio is literally breaking games left and right, is it because hes a tank (riot favorite class) and a few of the balance team members wanted to get into gold before season ends? This is the same balance team that keeps buffing tanks and supports every patch making the game shit for every other role in the game, this is the same balance team that has said that its fine for cho to build 6 defensive items and do upwards 1k true damage on a point and click ability because "hes kinda weak early though!", this is the same balance team that has left ardent in a broken state for atleast 3 months, only to "nerf it" and make it just as strong (lmao), this is the same balance team that still has not nerfed twitch after he has dominated soloq/been close to permaban the whole year. See i could keep going here this really isnt just a single "fk up", this has been going on and on and on and on (how long can this go on?)... Oh right they need to check again tommorow to see if theres "anything wrong", because those silver players that dont even play their own game are that incompetent at their job to even release galio in this state in the first place. How do those ppl even get paid for doing such a bad job? If i did such a bad job consistenly and showed no signs of improvement i would get fired and the company would just hire someone else that does it better, how come this apparently isnt a thing on riot? Do they not actually pay their balance team so thats why the quality of the game balance is so terrible? DO THEY EVEN HAVE A PLAYTESTING or QUALITY CONTROL TEAM? /rantover and #BRINGMORELLOBACK2k17
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