nothing like getting 2v1ed for 20 minutes top with no jungle pressure

watching ur jungler do scuttle for 10 seconds as a no sums kled with no vision sitting on my tower with 300 hp while i ping for him to come . nothing like him then rotating mid and trying to gank once again for a 1-3 syndra thats getting dixcked on every second by a full hp diana that keeps 2v1ing them nothing like being powerless against someone rushing tabis and has boneplating and despite him having no skill when it comes to csing/trading/using his brain, he has a jungler and the power of igniting me and running facefirst. only thing better is still having a 50 cs lead and equal gold but losing because the lane my jungler ganks throws at the end of the game and walks into them and dies and then we lose. fucking beautiful game of ranked i really felt like my skill level mattered there and that it wasnt a onesided game from the start
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